Ultimate Tips to Access Secret Menus on Roku Streaming Player

roku streaming player

Whether you want to stream music videos, keep abreast of the latest news, or watch the latest news, Roku devices are one of the best options to take your Roku streaming experience to the next level.

The streaming devices are blazingly fast and incredibly easy to use. There are a lot of tips and tricks under the hood of Roku devices that can improve your overall streaming experience. Here, in this post, we’ve beaded some ultimate tips to help you access Secret Menus on your Roku device. Let’s take the plunge and get to know the whole procedure in an easier manner.

Roku Remote offers an array of shortcut options to make your work easy. By using these shortcuts, you can do a lot of things with the blink of an eye. It can be either updating your server, rebooting your Roku device, accessing hidden antenna menu, checking the quality settings, setting bitrates, keeping a tab on signal strength of secret WiFi menu, accessing Channel info menu, removing auto-pair, checking log theme info or cycle screenshot/ad banner.
Make a Note: To get access to all these features, you first need to attempt Roku activation by visiting the roku.com link.

Secret Menu Code to Reset your Roku

If your Roku is creating some issues or is not working properly, then better to reset your device and again activate it. To factory reset your Roku using secret code, follow the steps below:

  • Five times press the Home button.
  • Three times press the FF (Fast Forward Button).
  • Two times press the RW (Rewind button).

Secret Menu Code to Reboot your Roku

There is no power button on your Roku that can let you restart your device. At times, it becomes difficult for users to update their device as well as add private channels. Well, worry not! The problem can be solved by rebooting your Roku. For this, here’s the secret code.

  • Five times press the Home button.
  • Two times press the up direction > (RW) Rewind.
  • Two times press the (FF) Fast Forward.

Secret Menu Code to See the WiFi strength of Roku

By making use of the secret WiFi menu, you can see the strength of your WiFi signal. Here’s how to enable the secret menu code for secret WiFi menu.

  • Five times press the Home button.
  • Now press Up > Down > Up > Down and Up button.

Secret Menu Code for Hidden Antenna Menu

The secret screen menu of the Roku antenna helps you optimize the internet connectivity speed of both your wired and wireless network. To activate your Roku and create the Roku link account, and add channels to your streaming device, there is a need of high-speed internet connectivity, therefore for optimizing the speed of internet connectivity the following Roku secret code will help you. Here’s how to use it.

  • Five times press the Home button.
  • Once done, press the FF (fast forward) button.
  • Now press the RW (rewind) > Down > FF (fast forward) button.

These are a few Secret codes to access the features of your Roku streaming device. If you want to know more secret codes to make the most of your streaming device, then get in touch with our experts at anytime you fancy.

In a Nutshell

While accessing Secret menus, if you got stuck with any issue or problem, you can reach out to us for the best Roku troubleshooting. We are at all times available to help you resolve Roku issues. Be it related to activating your Roku, adding channels of your choice to the list of your Roku channels, getting familiar with Roku Secret codes, or anything else.

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