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In this particular article, we will converse about how to activate Roku TV along with some of the important facts to bring up TNT activate on your streaming player. We have received many queries about the Roku Sound problems in our previous articles, we will also put some reflection over the solutions over the Roku Sound problems.

Roku streaming player is one of the cost-effective and convenient methods for catch-up TV. Just plug it and connect your TV with the Internet. Just set up a Roku login account and start online streaming your favourite shows and episodes.

Activate Roku TV to Catch Blockbuster Movies and Latest TV Shows

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Before proceeding towards the Roku TV activation, we need to understand the concept of the setup procedure of the Roku device. Prefer the below-mentioned steps to set up your Roku streaming device with your smart TV.

Plug in your Roku streaming player in the USB slot available on your smart TV.

Connect your Roku device to the Internet with the help of wifi router/modem.

Try to create a Roku account to activate your device. Prefer the HDMI cable to connect your Roku player with TV.

Learn how to activate Roku TV in minutes

1. Setup Roku box with your television as per the steps mentioned above or according to the procedure outlined in the Roku’s manual.

2. Turn ON your television, and change the input channel. The Roku box’s welcome screen will appear on the display. Press the “Select” button present on your Roku’s remote control.

3. Select the network connection type available on the network screen(wired or wireless), and provide the necessary information that is applied to your network.

4. Once the connection is properly set up, now you can move forward to activate Roku TV with Roku activation code.

5. Visit the Netflix activation website from your desktop or laptop and log in to your account. Enter the activation code into the text box on the activation page. Now your Roku streaming device is ready.

Sit Back and Let TNT Activate on your Roku Streaming Player

Top of the two popular cable entertainment networks has made their pathway towards the Roku platform. On-demand entertainment and live streams from TNT and TBS are now available on Roku. Just performing a simple TNT activate process, now customers can watch their favourite TNT shows such as the Animal Kingdom and Good Behavior live!

Steps for TNT Activate on Your Roku TV

  1. TNT is a paid channel, so firstly you have to take a subscription to activate TNT on Roku.

  2. Once the subscription process is done, visit the Roku account.

  3. Try to login into Roku account with its credentials.

  4. Open the Roku Channel Store with the help of Roku’s remote control.

  5. Search TNT.

  6. From the drop-down list, search for the appropriate channel.

  7. Visit the channel home menu and choose the “Add Channel” option.

  8. Now use the TNT subscription credentials, to download the TNT channel package as per your subscription plan.

  9. Select the channel bundle and complete the payment transaction procedure.

  10. Once you have linked with TNT account with your Roku account, the TNT channel is ready to stream.

Here is How to Solve Roku Sound Problems like a Pro

roku sound problems

Many of our valuable clients have mentioned in our previous articles regarding the Roku sound problems.

So today for our Roku users we have come with the best solutions to fix up the Roku sound problems. Without taking your much time, let us begin with the procedure:

1. Check the HDMI Connectivity: A defected HDMI or faulty HDMI connection can be the factor behind the no/poor audio from your Roku streaming player. Make sure the HDMI cable is properly plugged in both the devices TV and Roku player. If length is the problem, try an HDMI cable extender.

2. Audio Settings: Go to audio settings present below in the HOME main menu. In the Settings section, search for the “Audio” option and click on it.

Once the “Audio” option pops up. Use your Roku’s remote control to scroll down to the “Audio Mode”. Ther you will find the two options, ‘Auto’ or ‘Stereo’. Choose the Stereo option using the remote’s trackpad.

3. Select ‘HDMI’ type: Choose the ‘HDMI’ settings from the ‘Audio’ menu. Now change the HDMI option from ‘Auto’ to ‘Dobly/D/D+’ or ‘PCM-Stereo’. Check each option once, and see whether your Roku device delivers audio or not.

We hope that you have found most of the answers from this particular article. If still, you have some kind of query or question, feel free to contact with us. We are always here 24/7 to solve all your queries related to the Roku device.

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