Troubleshooting- Roku Remote not working, Roku Sound Problems

The common Roku errors like Roku remote not working or Roku sound problems sometimes become headache. That’s why we took a look at them and are hereby offering best prospective troubleshooting solutions for each of these.

Roku remote not working

Today Roku players don’t require much introduction in the streaming world. With its vast range of online content streaming players, Roku has something for everyone. You all will agree to the fact that a streaming device is not regarded as “good” WITHOUT the great content. And, Roku certainly has got everything covered in this field as well!

However to the users dismay, like any other electronic gadget, these players are also not without their glitches. So in case, if you’re also struggling with Roku error such as Roku no sound HDMI and No volume on Roku; keep reading to know how to troubleshoot them.

What are Common Roku Errors

Roku errors are the issues or problems that users face either during the Roku activation or during the streaming. These can be related to

  • Activation Errors – Error codes like 001, 009 etc.
  • Channel Errors – Channel activation errors.
  • Audio Errors – No sound, No volume.
  • Roku Remote Errors – Remote not working.
  • Streaming Errors – HDCP errors with 4K streaming.
  • Other General Errors – Roku Link Code Error – stuck on link code screen.

Roku error codes refer to the error messages that out of nowhere pop up on your screen during the activation process. Channel activation errors are the errors you receive while activating the Roku channels. Roku sound problems are audio related issues. Roku remote not working is related to the Roku enhanced remote issues, whereas the HDCP errors arise during the 4K streaming that is Ultra High Definition.

Why there is Roku no sound HDMI or No Volume on Roku?


Streaming content via Roku is great until you encounter with no volume on Roku or some other Roku sound problems. There can be a number of possible reasons responsible for this, depending upon your scenario. Like in case of Roku no sound HDMI, a faulty HDMI connection or HDMI cable could be the reasons.

Other possible reasons are loose cable connections, miss-attached audio connectors, and faulty audio ports. Also, the incompatible audio settings and obsolete firmware of the Roku player contribute in originating the Roku no volume or sound errors. So that is why there is no sound on your Roku. Now let us see how to get rid of this.

No volume on Roku

Troubleshooting Roku sound Issues

For resolving Roku no sound/video errors, implement the troubleshooting steps given below:

  • Firstly, check the volume settings of the TV. Set the volume to a clear audible level.
  • Check the audio connectors. They should be properly attached via both ends. There should not be any loose cable connections.
  • If the error is Roku no sound HDMI, make sure that the HDMI cable is properly attached to both – TV and the Roku player.
  • The audio connectors must be attached to the correct ports on your Roku as well as TV.
  • Check the “audio settings” under the “settings” and set it to the “stereo”. This will eliminate the chance of errors in audio selection.
  • Also, go to the HDMI preference and check mark both the options “Dolby D+” and “PAM-Stereo”.
  • So that’s all you can try, in case the issue persists, get to USA Helpline Support for Roku.

Getting Rid of Roku Remote Not Working

Troubleshooting tactic for the issues with Roku remote such as Roku remote not working varies as per the models. In general, there are two models of Roku remote – Standard Infrared remote and other is the Enhanced point anywhere remote. The point-able difference between the enhanced and standard remote is the availability of the pairing button.

The Enhanced model has the pairing button whereas the standard is still less of this feature. Now as you know which remote you have, let’s start the troubleshooting process for Roku remote not working.

For Standard IR remote, do this:

  • Remove the visible obstructions. Ensure that there is no obstructions between the front of Roku device and the remote.
  • While using the remote, hold it higher such that it points downward to the front of your Roku device.
  • Also, try moving it a little left or right and see if it becomes more responsive this way or not.
  • If it is more responsive that means there is some obstructions in between the remote and the device.
  • Other thing is to check the batteries. Remove and re-insert the batteries to the remote. If still the remote is unresponsive, try out new batteries and take guidance from support helpline of Roku +1-855-795-5955.

For Roku Enhanced Remote, do this:

  • First and foremost, try restarting your Roku player and the Roku remote.
  • For remote, remove the batteries from the battery compartment. And for the device, remove the power cable and re-connect it after 10 seconds.
  • After restart, when the player displays the Roku home screen, put back the batteries in the remote.
  • Now pair the remote with your device by pressing the pair button.
Pro Tip : If the above steps don’t work for you, then connect your device with the 5GHz network or use the HDMI extension cable. For assistance regarding this, get in touch with USA helpline for Roku Support +1-855-795-5955.

Troubleshooting Roku Activation Error Codes

The Roku error codes during the activation signify the errors that interrupt the activation process. There are several error codes such as 001, 003, 009, 016 etc; each having unique reason. Here’s how you can troubleshoot each of them:

This error is related to the internet interruption during the activation process. To fix the Roku Error code 001, do this:
  • Switch Off the Roku player and plug out the power source from the Roku player.
  • Restart the networking equipment – modem or router.
  • Connect the player with router using Ethernet cable.
  • Now turn on the Roku player and activate it using
The Roku error 003 appears at the time of updating Roku player. This error signifies that device is unable to update. To solve this error, here's what you need to do:
  • First and foremost, power cycle your router and the device.
  • Then reset your TV to factory default settings.
  • If you're using any firewall with your router, disable it just for the activation time.
  • Finally restart your device and again initiate the update process.
The Roku Error Code 009 indicates that the device is having trouble with connecting to the wireless network. Here's how to troubleshoot this error:
  • Open the “settings” from the home menu.
  • Go to the “Network” settings.
  • Tap on “Repeat guided setup”.
  • Select the name of your wireless network.
  • Finally, power cycle your router and the Roku device both at the same time.
Roku Error code 016 is related to connection failure. It means you're unable to connect with your device. For resolving this, use these tips:
  • First check the network connectivity.
  • Try placing the device near to the router.
  • If needed, use the Ethernet cable and establish a hardwired connection.
  • The hardwired connection ensures good internet connectivity to the device.
  • Check the internet speed, and if it is poor then contact your Internet Service Provider.
Roku Sound Problems

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