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Roku offers a massive collection of channels to its users both – paid as well as free. This gives users the leverage of only selecting and paying for the channels that they like. The two primary Roku channels are TNT and TBS. Some sports and drama fans go for TNT activate, others with a taste of comic genre and live sports like to watch TBS on Roku. There are also 1000 of other channels available on Roku, providing you endless entertainment choices, that we will going to discuss later. However, let us first guide you with the process of TNT activate Roku.

Steps For TNT Activate Roku

  • Since it is a paid channel, so you need to have the subscription to activate it on Roku.
  • After the subscription, go to the Roku account.
  • Use your Roku account credentials for the login.
  • Now, open the Roku Channel Store.
  • Search for TNT.
  • Select the appropriate channel from the drop-down list.
  • Go to the channel home menu and select the “add channel”.
  • Use the TNT subscription credentials to download the channel package.
  • Choose the channel bundle and complete the payment transaction.
  • Once you link the TNT account with Roku account, the TNT channel will start to stream.
Watch tbs on roku

Turner Network Television, commonly known as TNT is a paid television network of Warnermedia Entertainment. TNT is sort of TV everywhere network providing both live as well as previously aired content. Among the wide range of Roku Channels, TNT is an acclaimed channel with its distinguished genre of programs. After you’re done with TNT activate, watching full episodes of your favorite drama becomes simpler like never before.

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How to Watch TBS on Roku

Apart from TNT, you can also watch TBS on Roku. TBS is a subscription television network owned by Warnermedia and is sister channel of TNT. If you have the subscription to TBS, you can watch TBS on Roku both – East and West streams. So you can now watch Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Conan on your Roku TV. However, most of the TV series will be available for viewers on demand. Not only it is just limited to the TV series, you can also stream a plenty of hit movies on TBS. Apart from this, you can choose TBS with the bundle deals of Sling, Direct TV now, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV and even the Play Station Vue.

Here’s how you can watch TBS on Roku:

TNT Activate
  • Turn on your Roku player and go to the home menu.
  • In the menu, scroll down to the Roku Channel Store and press the “OK” button.
  • Click on “Movies and TV” and search TBS.
  • Use the subscription credentials provided to link TBS to your Roku account.
  • Go to activation page of TBS and choose your device.
  • Enter the activation code to the Roku channel activation page.
  • Now you’re all set to watch TBS on Roku.

In addition to the TBS activation steps, if you still have more questions, call our USA helpline for Roku Channel.

Popular shows on TNT

TNT on Roku

With TNT activate Roku, you get the rip-roaring TV series like:

  • Alienist
  • I Am The Night
  • Claws
  • Will
  • The Jokers Wild
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Drop The Mic
  • Charmed
  • Supernatural
  • New Orleans
  • he Last Ship
  • I Am The Night
  • Arrow
  • Shatterbox
  • Alliance Of American Football

Popular Shows on TBS

Here is what you can watch with TBS on Roku:

  • Angie Tribeca
  • The Last OG
  • Conan
  • People of Earth
  • Drop the Mic
  • Tarantula and Wrecked
  • Miracle Workers MLB on TBS
  • Final Space
  • Full Frontal With Samantha Bee
  • The Detour
  • The Guest Book
  • Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker’s Wild
  • Storyville
  • Search Party

Other Roku Channels and their Activation

Roku offers a plenty of channels to stream so that you never feel bored. That is why it is known as pioneer in the digital streaming world. Enjoy amazing content across platforms like Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, HBO, Disney, On demand and much more.

For finding your desired channels, shows or movies use the Roku search feature of the Roku search feature provides you a selection of best streaming content to help you find the perfect thing to watch.

Here is how you can use the Roku Search option:

  • Go to your Roku Home screen.
  • Scroll down to the “Search” option.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to search.
  • You can use the Title, Director or name of Actor for the search.
  • Type the initial alphabets of Title, movie or channel.
  • The Roku search will provide you the results as you type in complete title.
  • If you have Roku enhanced remote, you can use it to search via voice command.
  • For this, you can give voice commands like “ show me movies with Daniel Radcliffe”.
  • Just make sure you have link the Roku device with your Roku account using the link.
TBS Activate

Tip: For any required assistance with Roku Channel Activation, try out tips given in the below section. Else, get in touch with USA helpline for Roku.

Dealing with Roku Channel Activation Issues

Channel activation errors such as error with the activation code, trouble activating paid channels, HDCP errors are quite common with Roku. There can be various reasons behind them. Here in this section, we will discuss each reason and tips to avoid these.

Reason 1: Outdated Firmware

Outdated firmware of the streaming player is the most common reason behind channel activation errors. So certainly you must update the firmware of your device prior to the channel activation.

Reason 2: Error from the Activation Server

Sometimes, even after the firmware update, you face the activation error. This is due to the server error from the channel server. For avoiding this, make sure you are using the correct web link to activate the channel. Also, there should not be any network connectivity error.

Reason 3: Internet Connectivity Error

If there is intermittent or no internet connectivity to the streaming player, you will face the activation error. Hence ensure that the Roku is well connected to the Internet.

Reason 4: Typos in credentials

Finally yet importantly, avoid doing the typing error in the credentials. Firstly, you must confirm that you are using the right credentials. Some users use their credentials of Roku account instead of channel subscription credentials, which results in error.

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