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Glad to see you on our site! However, if you are accessing our website – rokuactivate.tv, or if you intent to make use of the services offered by us, you must agree to the terms and conditions listed here. Usage of our website of our services is strictly forbidden if you not agree to these terms of our Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy of ActivateRoku.TV is about which and how information is gathered and processed respectively.

Collection Of Data

Rokuactivate.tv collects data in order to analyze it for the improvement of our services. Your information is stored in the data-bases as backup.

Here’s what we collect and we use them.

General User Details

We collect general detail of the users such as the name, communication channel – Email or phone number, any record of previous communication – all of these are kept strictly confidential and is only used for the purpose of delivering our services.

Information of the Device Used:

Apart from the generic user details, the information of the device used to visit our site is collected by us for the improvisation of operational states and the user experience of our site. And, also to resolve any possible issues.

Information related to Errors

We collect various error reports of the issues that user is experiencing to make a diagnosis, to ensure that right fixes and troubleshooting tips are implemented.

We use Cookies

We use cookies on our site to enrich the experience of the visitors of our site. However, we do not store any of their personal information with us, except for the general users details stated above.

Terms Related To Our Services

Remote Access:

During the assistance, tech might need remote access of your system. This allows the technicians to fix issues remotely and in the least possible time. With the 100 % secure and legit remote tools for this. Our tech doesn’t access your confidential or private data.

Diagnostic Tools:

Wrap Up

The above-mentioned terms are comprised under our privacy policy and all the users must agree to it if they are visiting our site. However, we will not be responsible for your any loss with the usage of our services or the information mentioned on our site as the troubleshooting varies upon case to case. We may revise this policy anytime without any prior notice. In case of any queries , feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach us at 1-855-795-5955 or support@activateroku.tv.

Disclaimer: activateroku.tv is a self sustained US based support provider for Roku issues and disclaims any affiliation with the brand or any third party.