How to Enter the Roku Activation Link Code?

Roku activation link code

Roku has adopted the commonly used time based, attempt based codes to strengthen/increase security. They take measures to keep their customers safe. They have these code-based security checks at various points of their setting up the process and in the process of any purchase being made through the account. How do you do it right? How do you make use of this security feature to the fullest? Well, the very first and the foremost thing is that you’ll have kept this Roku activation link code confidential, and do not disclose it to anyone.

Secondly, you’ll have to keep your Roku account safe, meaning having a stronger password/passcode and clearing cache, cookies and password information from a third-party device or a network.

Below are some different instances you may come across a Roku activation code.

Roku Account Creation

If this is the very first time you are creating a Roku account then you have to provide your personal information.

So, Roku sends a code for activation for Roku to your preferred/desired communication channel. After that, you will have to enter this code into the address bar of a browser window to remotely activate your account.

This is, however, a one time process, and you will not have to do this again and again. But if you’ve opted for the TFA while login, a time-based OTP is a possible method that you can choose out of.

Roku link activation code displayed on Roku TV screens

Activate Roku TV
These happen frequently, but the first time it happens is the first time you sign-in to your Roku streaming device from your Roku account.

As soon as you connect your Roku streaming device to a smart HD TV and log in to your account, it provides a link code to activate Roku TV that you will have to enter it to the URL field of the browser window.

This is meant to sync your account to your Roku streaming device and keep it synchronized with other devices in which your Roku account is active.

The same happens whenever you log in to your account from any other device to stream from, say a phone or a tablet.

Roku activation link code for your preferred channels

These activation codes also play a very important step in activating each channel. The channels cannot simply be purchased from your device by anyone who seems to have access to your device.

You will have to open a browser window and log in to your account, and then enter the Roku activation code. These codes will be displayed on the TV screen for every purchase you make, free or paid.

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