How Professionals Activate Roku TV for all Roku Models

Activate Roku TV

How to setup Roku Streaming player like professionals?

How to Activate Roku TV in minutes?

How should I activate my Roku device like pros with Roku Activation Link?

If these questions are arising in your mind after purchasing a brand new Roku streaming player, then you are not alone in the queue.

Roku is the 21st century’s one of the most advanced streaming devices. You can enjoy the latest movies, news, tv shows, etc. with just one step i.e. activate Roku TV.

There are a lot of FREE and paid channels that are available on your Roku. You can now also add and watch TBS on Roku and enjoy watching your favourite movies at your home.

But first of all, you need to know how to set up and activate Roku TV as professionals do.

Connecting your Roku Player with Smart TV to watch TBS on Roku

Watch TBS on Roku

Establishing connection with your Roku device to your smart TV is very simple, just plug the HDMI cable and it’s done.

Every Roku player device will work perfectly with any of your smart TV or normal HD television with a standard HDMI cable.

Yes, standard HDMI cable, because it is designed to transmit 1080i, 720p, 2k, and 4k video streaming.

Once you have physically connected your Roku device with your smart TV via HDMI cable. Now its time to set up your Roku device and activate it with the help of Roku Activation Link.

If at any stage of setting up Roku device with your smart TV you find any difficulty, feel free to get in touch with the leading technical experts for Roku devices.

How to Setup and Activate Roku Streaming Player with Roku Activation Link

Select the Language as per your Choice

All you need to choose the language from the onscreen menu present on the Roku device. Just Scroll up and down to check the list and select the language as per your preference and then press OK button to save it.

Try to Connect Your Roku with Your Home Network

  • Try to connect your Roku device with your wireless home network and enter the passphrase or security key to connect with it. If you are unable to find the wireless home network, then try to scan again the to check all the networks.
  • Avoid misspell or incorrectly password and then hit the show password to check once the password.
  • Once you have completely done with the password, now hit the connect button present on the screen, and your Roku device will successfully connect with your wireless home network.

Update your Roku Streaming Player

Once you have successfully established a connection with the Internet. Check for the latest software or firmware update for your Roku device. If there is a sort of update, download it and it will automatically upgrade and then reboot.

Setup the Display as your Preference

If you want to re-configure your Roku display setting manually, then just visit Setting > Display Type and then choose the display resolution as your preference.

Activate Roku TV with Roku Activation Link to Watch TBS on Roku

Now, it’s time to activate your Roku TV with the Roku Activation Link to watch TBS on Roku device.

  • Visit the
  • Follow the instructions as per displayed on the screen.
  • Now create a new Roku account or login with old Roku account.
  • Once you have done with the account activation, purchase the channel as per your choice.

Congrats! You are ready to watch your favourite episodes on your Roku device.

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