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Roku – Simple to Setup and Great to Use

Here you will find all the needed information about setup, activation for Roku using activation link code, and dealing with various Roku streaming errors. Today, three out of five users prefer Roku for online streaming over other streaming gadgets. Let’s see what makes Roku so lovable!

Roku Setup

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Effortless Setup

Roku Setup process is very easy to execute and can be done in just 10 minutes, if done right!

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Fluent Activation

As like the setup, the activation process doesn’t require much time to execute.

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Easy to Use

Once the activation is done, even your children can use Roku on the go.

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Vast Content

Roku offers access to tons of content from dozens of online channels – both free and paid.

Getting Started With the Roku

Roku is by far the simplest doorway to online content streaming on TV. It provides top-notch streaming devices with outstanding features. And without any doubt, all the Roku streaming gadgets are future-proof and best online media players in the market. So if you’re thinking to step into this incredible entertainment world, here are few things that you should focus on. When you purchase a new Roku device, make sure it is compatible with your TV set. There are many Roku models available, choose that suits your pocket as well as need.

After purchasing the device, download the Roku link application. It offers plenty of benefits, but the best among them is it can act as a remote control, enable voice search and even provide on-screen keyboard. Apart from this, you can stream your personal media on TV using the Play On feature. Finally, go through the user manual of your Roku player to know how to setup Roku and the steps for Roku link activation process.

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Setup and Activation For Roku

Since the inception of online streaming, watching TV has changed in profound ways. Today we are headed to a new era in which TV will be streamed online, focusing only on on-demand and personalized stuff. And as per today’s scenario, Roku is the only prime gadget for personalized streaming. After choosing your desired Roku device, the setup and activation process is very simple. Provided that, you must know how to do it right.

The Setup process of Roku is a combination of three basic steps

  • Power up your device for setup

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  • Connecting the device to the Network

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  • Activation using the Roku account

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Further, there is Roku Channels activation that depends upon your selection of channels. Users only face issues during the setup or activation when they are not aware of the exact guidelines. So firstly, they must go through the user manual of their streaming player. However, if the user manual is of no use to you, then read the detailed setup and activation process on our site’s Activation For Roku link page.
Roku Errors

Roku Errors During Setup and Activation

Activation and Setup errors are very common with Roku streaming players. Reason as stated above is the unfamiliarity of the users with the adequate setup process. Even tiny mistakes such as loose cable connections can lead to major setup errors. Some errors occur due to users’ mistakes and others due to unfavorable circumstances such as poor network connectivity, activation errors due to incompatibility and much more. You can ignore most of these errors by ensuring some points. That are:

  • Use valid username and password for your Network, this will avoid Network errors.
  • Connections of the cables must be double-checked – cables should be only connected to the respective slots.
  • To resolve these errors, you must know the significance and the reason behind the particular error that has appeared. You can check out our troubleshooting page for this.

How Can We Help You?

As the demand of Roku streaming players reached to its peak, so has the need of its support. And that’s exactly what we are for. USA Support Helpline For Roku TV Stick is 24/7 AVAILABLE, US-BASED support for Roku streaming players. From Roku link setup, activation issues to Roku streaming errors, you can fix all of these using our experts’ guidance.


Here is What We Provide

Roku Activation Help

Got stuck during the activation? Sometimes users face issues with activation code for Roku. Read here how to deal with these.

Roku Channel Assistance

Need assistance with activation for Roku channels? Like issues with activating TNT or TBS? If yes, then check out this section.

Roku Troubleshooting Tips

Here you will find the Roku troubleshooting tips. However, experts guidance is very crucial in such scenarios.

Roku Help Blogs

Want to know what are the new features of Roku player or Roku enhanced remote? Then check out these helping blogs by experts.

Roku Issues That We Can Resolve

  • Roku Remote issues – not working
  • Error Code 009
  • Roku WiFi dropping
  • Roku unable to connect to TV
  • Error Code 018 Roku
  • Roku loses wired connection
  • Error code 014 Roku
  • Problem connecting to Roku server
  • Roku won’t connect to WiFi
  • Buffering content with Roku
  • Activation code errors Roku
  • Setup Errors with Roku -wired or wireless
  • Roku keeps loosing connectivity
  • Internet connectivity issues with Roku
  • Roku audio Issues
  • Channels activation errors Roku
  • Issues with Roku WiFi extenders
  • Roku link HDMI errors

Adding and Activating Channels to the Roku

Go to Channel Store

Open the menu by pressing the home button of Roku remote. Scroll down to the menu options and choose streaming channels to get to channel store.

Check the Channel Details

You need to press OK button to check details of a channel such as whether it is a paid or free channel. If it’s free, tap on “Add”, else tap on “Buy”.

Search for Desired Channels

On the channel store, you will find various categories of channels such as “new” or “featured”. Choose as per your choice.

Activate the Channel

For activating the channels, you need the Roku link PIN. This is only for those who have opted for it and provides protection from unauthorized purchases.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roku

You can purchase it online either from Roku official store or from Amazon.
Yes, you do need internet access to stream content via Roku.
Roku account is your account with which you can activate your Roku device and get access to online content.
No, there are no charges for Roku account. However, you have to pay for paid channels.
You get a free consultation call from our experts. However, any required third party upgrade for the troubleshooting will be chargeable, that too only after your consent.

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Why Choose Us

Our global clientele remarked as the most reliable support providers for Roku. We have a three-step strategy to deal with our customers:

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Here are other satisfying reasons of our services:

  • All-rounder Support for Roku

No matter which Roku streaming stick (standard or plus) you are using, we will help you in resolving each and every issue that you might face. That is, here you will get all-rounder support.

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24/7 hours support
  • Get your Issues Fixed – Anytime, Anywhere

Whether it’s day or night or you are traveling or chilling at home – whenever and wherever you get an issue with your Roku, we make it fix. Our experts are there for you Anyday, Anytime.

  • Get Assisted From US-based Techs

We are a solely sustained US-based technical support provider for Roku streaming players. With fine-class tools and easy access over the phone, chat or email, your issues will get fixed in nominal time.

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Support plans
  • Support Plans for All

We have variety of support plans ranging from one time fix to yearly duration. You can choose the plan that you find most economical plus satisfying. To know more, chat with our experts. There no hidden charges and all of our support plans include 24/7 help and convenient repair on the go.

  • Money Back Warranty

Resolving more than hundred of Roku issues in a day, our team is dedicated to provide best client satisfactory services with a 7 days money back warranty being confident on our quality support.

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